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Sinel Ltd.

Sinel, company for industrial automation, service and trade, Limited

Rudarska 3 p.p. 101
52220 Labin, Croatia

OIB: 05584747711
MB: 0273341

Phone: +385 (0) 52 884 000
Fax: +385 (0) 52 884 019

Industrial automation

Repair, remount and retrofitting After many years of intensive use of a machine tool, its parts tend to wear-out. Repair, remount and retrofitting carries many benefits for machine tools owners'.
You are free to find out what a detailed remount and retrofitting of the machine tool actually means.
Special machines manufacturing Within our product range we offer special industrial machines and devices, designed and manufactured to suit our clients' specific needs.
Retail of machine tools We offer new and second hand conventional and CNC machine tools. The new machine tools are from the following manufacturers: Bost AP, Dalian, Kesmak, SMTCL. We also offer many models of second hand machine tools.
Service and agency We provide services for many manufacturers of industrial automation equipment, with whom we have favourable agency contracts and agreements.
Retail of spare parts A segment of our business is devoted to the retail of different types of both electronic and mechanical spare parts for machine tools. We guarantee to rapidly obtain original spare parts and to perform fast and quality replacement.
Photo and video gallery Please visit our photo and video gallery and see the progress in the repairing and the rebuilding of machine tools. We are also proud to present some of the most interesting and complex projects we have carried out.