Device for dimensional control of the ring

Device for dimensional control of the ring
The device is intended for dimensional control of cylindrical positions. The device is designed as the last station of the line for processing bearing rings. The device consists of six main subassemblies:
  • the device's stand and housing
  • mandrels for placing the measured piece and standard
  • manipulator
  • measuring nest
  • horizontal probe support
  • control panel
The dimensional control process is fully automated in several steps, from serving, lowering the pieces into the measuring nest with an internal manipulator, controlling in several steps and putting away the correct or repairable and scrap positions. The device is operated by a robot. The robot picks up the piece with a gripper and places it on the provided mandrel. At the end of the measurement, the result of the measurement is announced on the control panel. The internal manipulator transfers the piece from the measuring nest to the mandrel for placing the piece. The robot then takes over the measuring piece and the process starts from the beginning. 

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