Machine for vision inspection of cans

Machine for vision inspection of cans
The device is basically intended to control the edge of the lid of the can with the help of cameras. The device consists of three basic assemblies:
  • Incoming conveyor (conveyor belt and water discharge device)
  • Central conveyor (conveyor belt, servo motor, COGNEX cameras)
  • Output conveyor (conveyor belt)
The device is designed as a work station after the part of the plant where cans are washed with water, and the output conveyor of the device is connected to the continuation of the existing process line of the factory. The working principle of the station is a fully automated process of controlling the edge of the can lid in several steps, from blowing off the water from the cans, the arrival of the cans to the central conveyor in which control is carried out with the help of four COGNEX cameras, and scrap pieces are blown off the belt with the help of a valve and finally conveyor for returning cans to the production line of the factory. 
The speed of the conveyor belts is designed so that it can transfer 300 cans with a length of 110 mm per minute.

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